The Adventures of J-Thunder


So nice to have you drop by! Welcome to my blog. If you see something you like leave a comment or two. Writing has been a hobby for me for well over a decade and most of that has been funneled through tabletop role-playing games. If you share interest in that hobby I’m sure you will find things you like here. Down below I have it all sorted out to help you navigate your way through the sandbox that is my mind.

About: You enter the room and see a man that is sitting alone with his back to a corner giving him full view of the room. He notices you and raises a cup in a greeting. He seems like a warm and inviting person with a story to tell. Do you approach?

Blog: You approach the cart near a line of shelves to find a small number of tomes and scrolls. It is clear that they are recently used and are waiting to be placed back on to the shelves for new reader to check out.

Backstories: “So you like to hear the stories and legends of heroes long since passed.” The gruff barkeeper said. “Well many of those heroes you worship once sat where you’re sitting now, telling the same stories you’re telling now, and I’ll tell you something.” As he paused to pour another round. “I know the stories that lead to those stories, why don’t you buy another pint and stay awhile.”

Adventures: Congratulations! You did it! You have collected the thing, and bested the foe. Now is the time to do what all good heroes do. Tell your story. How did it really happen? How did you do it? Was it all worth it? What was the lesson you learned? I hope you took good notes.

Worldbuilding: There is as much to be said by the wind and stone as there is by the the travellers you meet, the towns you visit. Everything is interconnected. Truth in this world is what you have seen and learned, but can be made false by a spur-of-the-moment realization. How do you get from stagnated NPC’s and flat villains to living worlds your players can’t wait to be with again?