End of Days: Rebirth IX

The Oath on the Rooftop

I woke the next morning to Alessisa coming down the stairs. I was relieved to see that she was unharmed. She was checking on Haeys who was sitting upright in the lower section of his bunk. I saw her wave her hand in front of his face as she looked rather perplexed.“

How long has he been like this?” She asked.

“been like what?” I asked as I walked over to where Haeys was sitting.

He looked fine for the most part. The only strange part was that his eyes were open and rolled back exposing the whites of his eye. His compass was resting in his hands. I duplicated Alessisa’s efforts to gain his attention and when it was apparent that no matter how much I waved my hand he was a lost cause. I then tried poking him on the tip of his nose with no response.

“Maybe Rapheil would know more about this.” Alessisa pondered as she walked away. After she left I poked him a few more times just to be sure. I eventually gave up and sat near the Elf and joined him in Meditation. A few minutes later I heard the sounds of people coming down the stair and it was Rapheil and Alessisa. Rapheil studied Haeys intently, checking his vitals and his reflexes. 

“It appears that this Elf Has a very powerful tie to the elemental planes. His body may be here with us, but his mind is elsewhere.” Rapheil explained. “Is this the first time this has happened? Alessisa and I both nodded, signaling that this was indeed the first time. “Make sure that you do your best to protect him whenever he enters this state. We wouldn’t want him to become trapped on the other side.” Said the Elf as he walked away.

“I think he should be safe down here for the time being.” I said. “If you don’t hear from me for a day or two don’t be alarmed there is something I need to do.” Alessisa seemed confused by my statement but I left no chance for her to question me as donned my armor and headed up the stairs into the kitchen. I said my hellos to Evets the Orc that worked in the back of the house preparing the food for the patrons of The Crimson Blonde.

“Evets I have a question for you” I stated. 

“Well out with it boy” he said as was busy preparing food for the patrons of the blonde.

“On our way back from our mission Morgul sent us on we ran into an Orc Captain who was in service for the Queen. I was wondering if you had any information on him.”

“Ah yes, that would have to be no other than Orzov the Captain of the East Garrison that lies between here and the capital. All I know about him is that he was banished from the Orcish colonies a few years ago and in order to make his way in the mainland he became one of the Queen’s willing lapdogs” Evets explained. “It’s amazing that you managed to return from a fight with him. He is a very capable warrior, which is why he was left in command of that Garrison. The amount of Paladins that are stationed there is massive. Everything the Queen orders be done on the Southeastern side of the country is routed out of that base.”

“I myself almost didn’t make it” I said as I pointed to the large gash in my breastplate. A look of surprise came across the Orc’s face. “His men were trying to take Alessisa back with them.”

“Did they ask for her by name?” Evets questioned. “If they know who she is it could mean they knew who she was before the lot of you came back. You would be wise to be more careful the next time you face the Queen’s men they are very well trained.”

“I have no doubts that the next time I face one of her men I will be much more prepared.” I replied. “They just questioned us saying they were looking for a woman with long flowing hair. We didn’t think much of it. I will have to bring this up to the others, but I can see you have orders to complete so I will be on my way now.” The Orc nodded and waved his hand as I left the kitchen. I then headed out into the bar and saw that Balfore and Morgan were in the middle of a heated discussion.

“Maybe we should take this outside!” yelled Balfore.

“Maybe we should!” Shouted Morgan in response. Both of them grumbling and shoving each other as they walked towards the door. I hurried out with them knowing that violence was not what these two needed to reconnect their broken family. The Swordsmen may not want me to intervene but I would if things went too far. They walked into the town square and stood just out of each other’s reach. If Balfore had a beard it would be difficult to tell them apart, they looked so much alike it almost didn’t seem possible. Balfore must have been dead for some time for his son appeared to almost the same age if not older than him. 

“Well are you just gonna stand there all day or are you gonna give daddy a run for his money?” Balfore taunted. At that Morgan charged with what would have been a brutal right hook if Balfore didn’t trip him sending him stumbling a few feet. “What’s the matter boy? Don’t ya have the balls to hit your old man?” Balfore said spitefully. That was all it took. Morgan came back with a left and a right kick which caused Balfore to lose balance momentarily. Balfore countered on his way to the ground delivering a sweep kick as he caught himself. A dagger flew past Balfore and embedded itself into the wall of a building. Morgan recomposed himself showing that he had throwing knives hidden in his vest. “You want to draw swords boy?” Balfore asked. “Then let’s draw swords” Balfore drew his blades and they began to walk in a circle. Most of the town was watching at this point. I had to do something quickly or one of them could get hurt, or worse.

I summoned Arionix. A sight that caught most of the townsfolk by surprise. This was my time to shine. As I was about to step in Ylloh came running out of the bar and saw the fight was beginning to get out of hand. Right before I was going to stop the fight she stepped in and stole my thunder.

“Both of you stop this fighting and behave like adults.” she scolded them, and as they sheathed their weapons I kicked the dirt out of angst. My way would have been much more climatic. As Ylloh continued to chastise the two pirates I decided it was time for me to get my errands done. My first stop was to head to the blacksmith and have them repair my armor. As I approached the blacksmiths I could hear the roar of their furnace and the cling of metal on metal. Hoarst was manning the furnace when I entered and he was the first to notice my presence. 

“Cinredi? I didn’t expect to see you so back so soon. How goes your adventures?” the blacksmith asked.

“They could be going better I need to get some repairs done on my armor.” I said. It was clear that Hoarst knew what I was talking about when his eye opened wider that I had ever seen.

“Well, I wouldn’t feel right fixing armor that I didn’t make. Caston is over back by the anvil he should be the one to fix it for you.”  I walked back to the young blacksmith and he immediately noticed that my armor was in a state of disrepair. He covered his face with his free hand and shook his head side to side, and after a brief sigh, he let his hand drop from his face.

“Don’t tell me what happened. When do you need it fixed by?” Caston asked.

“The sooner the better, it is unclear how long I will be able to stay in town.” I said. He sighed and looked at the list of weapons and armor he had to complete. “I can tell that you are busy so I am willing to pay extra for your time and the inconvenience.”

“well, that is implied” the boy exclaimed. “I’ll have it fixed in a few hours you can come back for it then.”

“I have one more request.” I stated as Caston let out another sigh. “ I would like a new helmet. Something with a little more flash. If you could make it look like a dragon that would be great.” The young blacksmith shook his head and waved me away. I then walked back to the Blonde and saw that the gang and Morgul were talking in the corner booth. When I sat down they were just finishing their conversation. The others were catching Morgul up with the details of our quest and he was telling them of his plans to head to the capital to find if there was anyone who could help us in our plight. I brought up what Evets had said about Alessisa and the captain. We discussed the possibilities of them knowing who we were and Morgul told us it was quite impossible for those facts to be known. The Necromancer himself didn’t know who we were before he did the deed, it was a mission given to him by the God-Dragons. Then Morgul said it was time for him to depart. I could tell that the others were just as upset by his departure as I was. It had been so long since we had seen him and now he was leaving again.

After our goodbyes, I head back to the Blacksmith to pick up my armor. I only had one thing left to do and I just needed to find a good spot where I could be left alone for a while. As I wander around Skrayhorn I eventually settled with the roof of the Blonde. I climbed up on top of the roof and stand down with my Lance across my lap. I then began to pray to Uther. I poured all of my energy into my prayer and eventually I found myself in a deep meditative trance. I was separated from the world and all of its noise. I prayed for answers, I prayed for the protection of my friends and the people of Sovereign, I prayed that we would stop Akor and The Murder before they brought about the end of days. I also prayed that Uther would grant me the power that I needed in order to accomplish all these things. After hours and hours went by I received a vision. I was back fighting the Chain Demon from the crypt, only after it’s face turned into the young girl from my past.

“Do you not remember my face, my love? Why did you leave me alone so long ago? Am I not beautiful enough for you Cinredi?” As she spoke those words her face melted away and turned into that of one of the Crows. Then as the vision faded I heard a voice.

“Cinredi, you must use this power for the good of the world. You must use this power to restore order and justice. Your weapon shall now be known as Krinix. Take up your lance infused with the power of my cleansing flame and strike true.

I then awoke to the town shaking and a fierce battle being waged in the town. The others were fighting some sort of rock creature and from the looks of it, they could use some help. I stood up and summoned Aroinix and jumped off of the roof and into my saddle. I Then reared Arionix and yelled, “FOR JUSTICE!” As I said that a flame came spiraling out of the tip of my lance. Quickly the flame spun up my weapon and engulfed it all the way up to the handle. I then charged the mysterious being. I struck the monster with a power I had never felt before. Then Haeys taking advantage of the opening my attack created struck the being with a blast of negative energy as he touched it with his hands. The explosion it created caused everyone to be thrown backward a few steps as dirt and chunks of rock were sent flying everywhere. There was a loud burst of excitement as I trotted back to the group.

“Where have you been all day Cinredi?” asked Alessisa

“Why is your lance on fire is a better question,” said Balfore.

“My friends I have been granted this power from Uther. I will use it to make sure that no more harm comes to this land or its people. I swear as a Paladin I will restore order and justice to the government and free those who have been treated unfairly from its corruption. I swear that I will uphold this oath until the day I die, for I am Cinredi and I ride for JUSTICE!” I raised my lance in punctuation and a new coat of fire burst into the lance. I let it burn for a second and then dismissed the magical flame. Satisfied with my oath I asked the other how they had found themselves in the situation they were in when I came out of my meditation. They told me that there were a series of tremors throughout the day and eventually Haeys had awoken and told them that they needed to head towards the slums. It turns out that while he was in his trance he was stuck in the elemental plane of earth and that elemental creature had been chasing him as he tried to return and it followed him out as he escaped. we then calmed the citizens and helped tend to the wounded. It had been a long day so we retired and returned to the Crimson Blonde to rest.  

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