Update 10/31/19

I started rewriting End of Days at the start of this year as a self improvement exercise and it started off really well. I got a good amount of posts made and was actually ahead of my release schedule. Then as it always happens, life got busy. I was able to pick back up for a moment in September, but then quickly got swept up in the maelstrom again.

Currently the next post is started but I’m at a weird place in the story. You see End of Days is the retelling of a D&D game where my character Cinredi, a thirteen-year-old Paladin, was resurrected along with his fellow party members. They discover that this happened in a last ditch effort to save the world from utter destruction.

This game took place in 2013 and do to the Game Master and one of the players getting married and moving out of state the game was not completed. Even more vexing I did not completely journal all of the games adventures. The last post I released was the last post I had written back when we were actually playing. I do recall bits and peices of what happened next in the story, and I have had some talks with the Game Master about what was happening and how the game would have ended.

Fear not dear readers I do intend to resume this project of mine, but I do wish to start another challenge that I have heard of a few years back. National novel writing month. From November 1st until the 30th I am going to try to write 50,000 words. So this blog is about to go silent again. But know that you will see what happens to Sovereign and her people, and whether or not Akor bring about The End of Days.



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