Update 1/31/2020

So this week we pump the breaks on End of Days to give a little behind the scenes. This year I am committed to delivering at one post a week for the whole year, for this week I’m giving myself a creative break and posting this update. I’m doing this an investment in myself. I have a lot of passion projects and hobbies that have fallen away in the past. End of Days is a prime example. It has gone unfinished for going on seven years now.

The reason I’m putting so much work in on it this year is because I enjoy writing and I want to get better at it. In the past I have poured all my writing energy into whatever table top game I was running at the time and it filled the itch for the time being. But now that I have kids and a full time job. I have responsibilities that take me away from those things. I will have time for that in the future so I have not said goodbye to those hobbies, just see you later.

Last month I edited the layout of my blog and I’m not quite happy with it. I’m doing this again for this month. I’m making a more dedicated homepage with branching subpages that will contain specific adventures. So starting after this post there will be the main page which will hold all the finished and current adventures.

Currently the End of Days: Rebirth is the only adventure I’m publishing. Part XVI is the point that the table top campaign it’s based off ended before the completion of it’s story. So everything after that point and a few of the details I’ve added in leading up to it are going to be new completely fresh content!

I have created a production schedule for posts this year and if you are enjoying the current adventure you’ll be happy to know it will continue for at least ten more parts. Yes that means the adventures of Cinredi, Balefore, Alessisa, Haeys, and Tahnmgrind are only half way done! I then have content on the board to take me just about to the end of the year!

The next Adventure is looking like it will be a two part Backstory/ fanfiction piece for the Redemption Podcast. After that I’m going to be starting a story in a new campaign setting. I will also be releasing world building posts in that setting to go along with it. Sprinkle in a few more updates like this and you have a pretty busy year in the works.



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