Update 4/1/2020

Well I never thought being told to stay home and avoid contact with others would make it harder to get writing done… but it seems that this is the cause. I have been labeled as an “essential” worker so I’m still out everyday doing the work thing. It’s hard to focus on creativity when everything could be/will be/is/ won’t be completely FUCKED by COVID-19. The thing I find the most distracting is the amount of fake news going around. I would like to take this time to remind all my friends and family to fact check everything. Personally I stick to information from the CDC, State government, and news articles with sources listed.

Enough doom and gloom though. I am taking on the NaNoWriMo camp challenge this month. A camp is a writing challenge done through the NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, which is November is one of four months that have thirty days. Every month that has thirty days they do some sort of challenge. Camps are self set writing goals and November is the big one with the goal of hitting 50,000 words. I am committing to 300 words a day, totaling out at 9,000 words. If you would like more information please view their main site Nanowrimo.org.

Onward! Today marks the start of the second quarter of the year. My goal for my blog this quarter is to finish End of Days! So there will be a post starting this Friday and continuing each Friday until it is finished. As I have been writing the more recent entries the story and Cinredi and as a character have changed. Which is interesting. There were some very interesting moments I had planned that don’t make any sense in the story anymore. I plan on reinventing them later in the story and look forward to the challenge.

I also would like to start introducing other content in the future. Some in game resources for 5th edition D&D and Genesys. Both End of Days content and some homebrew! Those that know me personally expect some Star Wars as well.

See you guys next update!



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