End of Days: Rebirth XIX

The Peices Fall Into Place

We stood there at the mouth of the tunnel leading into the Crypt the Morgul had reclaimed. We looked to each other in confusion. Morgul had lied to us when he left us behind in Skrayhorn. There had to be a reason for his actions.

“I have already explained this to Ylloh and Raphiel, but I shall explain it to you as well. “Morgul began “You see, we had already expected that someone had ties with the Queen in the village. Unfortunately for them, Pestilence took them out during the invasion.”

“The owner of the lumber mill?” I questioned.

“Yes Cinredi, you are correct. The Baker was also in on the coup d’état. When they let the Queen’s Paladins in through the tunnels they killed the owner of the mill and those that worked beneath him. They then brought the Baker to the square after cutting his tongue out, saying he spoke foul of the Queen. He was drawn and quartered to set an example of what defiance would cost any of those to resist.” Morgul explained.

Ylloh stepped forward to add her piece. “Those of us in the resistance knew that we didn’t stand a chance against the number of troops they had brought with them. Our only hope was to wait for your return. They had us right where they wanted us and Orzov was happy to keep the pressure on us. He stayed at The Blonde during the occupation. He knew we were the leaders and his personal guard kept a close eye on us the whole time.”

“Yes, and fortunately I was the only one who knew I was coming here.” Said Morgul. “It was hard work but I was able to take control of the crypt here. The undead army for the Queen is now ours to control.”

“How safe is it to keep the people of Skrayhorn so close to the undead?” Alessisa queried.

“I assure you they pose little threat, I have complete control over them.” Morgul spoke confidently about this. After all, he was the strongest Necromancer the world has ever seen. I would imagine that his powers of life and death rivaled that of the power of Death itself.

“I wish to see the tunnel that will take us to my people” requested Tahn.

“Right this way” directed Morgul. He lead us through the main area of the tunnel. And down into the crypt. It was much like that of the crypt we were reborn into. Only the undead were in better shape and seemed to be focused on their tasks and nothing else. We walked for almost an hour before we reached a small tunnel that was still being worked on.

“The main section of the tunnel is almost complete and now that you are all here I do believe that we can move to the next phase of our plan. Tahn, you shall lead a group into the Dwarven city of Thurnbadir. There you will act as our agents to scout and prepare for when the tunnel is finished and our main forces can fit through the tunnel. At that point we will have Another group attack the main entrance on the other side of the mountains as a distraction. They will not be able to hold off our surprise attack from the inside of their forces and Akor and War will be right where we want them.” Morgul explained.

“I cannot wait to be with my people again!” Exclaimed Tahn. “The Queen and her forces will see the true strength of the Dwarves soon enough!”

“Indeed they shall” smiled Morgul. “Balefore, Alessisa, and Haeys. These trinkets hold a permanent enchantment on them that allow you to be polymorphed to look like a Dwarf and speak like them, they will help you blend into their society.” He handed them each a small brooch made of the gold and precious gems. “Do not remove them or your cover will be blown.” They each nodded in understanding. “Haeys this is where you come in. I do believe you have reached the level of understanding to take the four of you through the remaining solid rock left to be tunneled through.”

“You are correct, I have been preparing a spell to take us through to Thurnbadir.” Haeys replied.

“Good, we shall prepare your supplies and ready you for departure for tomorrow evening when the City should be easiest to infiltrate.” Morgul stated. They all seemed ready to take on their task. I however noticed that I was not included.

“What will you have me do?” I asked “why can I not join them in their mission?”

“Rapheil, continue their preparations with them Cinredi and I have something I must talk with him alone about.” Morgul stated, to which Rapheil nodded and started to talk with them more as Morgul and I walked away. We walked in silence until we were back in Morgul’s home in the trees. Once we were inside he waved his hand over some runes weaved into the bark of the tree.

“There, now only we can hear this conversation.” He said. “I know you must have questions, ask them freely.” This statement he would soon come to regret for I had a rather long time to build up questions, and very few answers. I removed my Armor and sat across from him at his table as we drank some fine elvin tea.

“Morgul, I feel as though I have let my curiosity get the best of me.” I began. “I have been so focused on myself and figuring out the answers to my questions, that I haven’t been helping my friends answer theirs.” This statement caused the Elf to look at me quizzically. “How do I know I am on the right path?”

“Cinredi, I have lived for hundreds of years. Before all this began, Before Negan corrupted Akor, I was a member of The Parliament of Owls. As a part of that Parliament we created the Celestial weapons and The Guardians that wielded them. We thought it was the right thing. We were ignorantly blinded by our collection of wisdom and knowledge. When Haeys’ Mother saw the vision of Akor’s Attack, we all dismissed it as something we could stop, but we couldn’t see that The Guardians had already betrayed us. We were at the highest peak of our power and we were wiped out by our own creations.” Morgul explained solemnly. “Cinredi, we never get to know if we are on the right path until we are at the end of it and have to face the decisions we made along the way.”

I was shocked by his statement. Morgul has always had the answers, but to see him admit that he knew not what was right took me completely by surprise. I accepted that and sipped my tea as I thought of my next question. “Why did you pick us?” I asked.

Morgul chuckled. “To be honest I didn’t.” His smile widened as he laughed. “I went crypt to crypt trying to find those with the strongest souls that could withstand being resurrected. Which is no easy task I might add.” The old elf took a sip of tea and continued. “Cinredi, I do believe that you and the others were chosen by Uther himself, Especially you. His light shines brighter in you than any living person, he has a purpose for you in mind. I knew this when I heard of your second resurrection on the bridge. There is something you must do Cinredi, for that was no small task for him. That single act could have broken the seal on his and Negans prisons, but he risked it to save you.”

“You mean to say that he could have released Negan by bringing me back to life?” I gasped. “What does he need me to do that could be so important?”

“I fear, we won’t know what that is until it is time for you to do it” Morgul said staring into his tea.

“Morgul?” I asked.

“Hmmm?” Responded the Elf.

“Do you know who I was? Or why I have this ring?” I asked holding onto the small silver ring.

“There were no markings, no symbols, and no reports in that crypt that could have given me clues as to who any of you were.” Morgul said. “Not until you were all alive again. Pendos told me through one of his messengers that first night. I knew who everyone was except for you. None of us know who you are, where you are from, or what you did. We can all tell though, is that it is necessary for you to go to the capital and free the people of Sovereign. For all we know you might be the one Uther wants on the thrown. His light to guide us all to prosperity.”

We both fell silent. Thinking of me, a mere boy on the throne as entertaining to say the least. The great noble King Cinredi. I could get used to that. It sounded like the perfect end to this terrible struggle we call the End of Days. Too perfect.

“Cinredi, I’m leaving in the morning to head to the capital and I want you to come with me. Let us see if you are on the right path together, shall we?” Morgul grinned.


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