Update 12-31-2020

What a year! Collectively it seems like America finally said enough is enough and we need to stop asking for action to be made and instead demand it. We had a record-breaking voter turnout for this year’s elections and from the way it turned out the majority agrees. America needs to change. We need to hold our officials to the standards we want, not the standards that work for them.

Back to the nerd stuff though. This year has been the best year I have had on this blog. I have far surpassed the number of readers in the past by an unbelievable amount. 672% up from last year to be exact. That is no small part due to the number of readers from AROUND THE WORLD. That’s right. There are readers from thirteen different countries that read my stories which is completely astounding!

I did have a personal goal of completing the story of End of Days before the end of the year, but it seems there will be a few more entries next year, starting on the 8th of January. I hope to be able to have a bi-weekly update schedule from that point on. Which would have EoD done by the end of March. I have a few ideas for the stories that will follow afterward. I’m thinking it might be Star Wars related!



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