End of Days:XXV

The Creeping Dark and The Light That Guides.

“Yes, they almost have everything they need to break the seal on the Negative Energy Plane.” Death said. “Once they do, Negan will return and the world will burn. Then The End of Days will be complete.”

“What do they still need in order to break the seal?” I asked. “Is there anything we can do to take what they have? How do we stop them?”

Death looked at me with a prospicient expression. “Well Cinredi I don’t know if you can. They have the Lordling that will hatch when the new moon of Autumn passes in front of the sun, eclipsing it. The Capital was made so that it sits perfectly in the path of this phenomenon. The hatchling dragon inside will be sacrificed and it’s blood cast upon a golden idol of Negan. This will break open a rift that allows him to erupt into our plane and begin to destroy and consume the material plane.”

“That explains why they have taken over the Dwarven capitol of Thurnbadir. They need all the dwarven gold they can find to complete the idol of Negan.” Morgul commented.

“Yes, they are on schedule for completing it at summer’s end, right before the eclipse.” Death confirmed. “It seems as if we will need to leave at daybreak, we will not be able to make any meaningful progress before dark.” He said as he looked to the setting sun. “I will have one of the squires bring you to your quarters for the evening.” He then turned and walked from the room leaving Morgul and myself alone in his office.

“Morgul, does this change our plans at all? It would seem that this will work in our favor.” I pondered aloud.

“We shall see. Knowing what they have ready for breaking the seal on the negative energy plane will help our saboteurs greatly. If only Haeys were here with us. This information could also clear some of the fog in his visions.” Morgul pondered as two human males entered the room. Both of them were about my age and wore the garb of soldiers in training.

“Good evening sirs, General Thannix has dispatched us to take you to your quarters for the evening.” Said one of the squires. “We will see that you have full packs of rations and water skins for your travels in the morning as well.”

“Thank you, young masters. I will see that the general is aware of how helpful you are to the cause.” I said trying to sound as official as I could. To which they gave a curt bow and lead us from the office. They lead us down the hall through the massive corridors that wound throughout the halls of the inner workings of the Garrison. From the outside, it was a series of identical square courtyards surrounded by sixty-foot tall fortified stone walls with various forms of ranged siege weapons at each of the four corners. Inside the walls, there were barracks, supply rooms, dining halls, and various other rooms arranged so that the most important rooms were in the innermost walls. As we traversed the hallways we were brought to a section of the Garrison that was underground. As we walked through the torchlit dormitory deep in the underground levels of the Garrison I felt termors growing and heard a terrible roaring growl. Morgul and I looked at each other and then to the squires guiding us. ” I do not suppose that you could inform us on what the cause of this disturbance?” I queried.

“We only know that it comes from down below and that it is the Queen’s most powerful weapon. Only the highest levels of the Royal Army are allowed down there. I would implore you to stay away, as the punishment for entering that level without permission is immediate death by dismemberment.” One of the squires said.

“Even that information is more than we are allowed to say.” Said the other.

“No one will know that we have spoken about it. You have our word.” Morgul proclaimed. The squires both sighed and began walking more quickly towards our quarters. They opened the door to a room with two bunk beds and told us they would be back with our supplies at dawn. Morgul and I sat on our beds and it was clear that both of us had much on our minds. I needed to know what he was thinking. He had a look of remorse to him. Seeing one of The Murder must have been bringing up the painful past.

Being a part of the Parliament of Owls all those years ago must have caused some wear on his soul. Knowing that their actions had paved the way for Negan to corrupt Akor and turned their strongest guardians into The Murder would be a heavy burden. Not to mention that he helped form the cyrpts to form an army of the undead for the Queen. I wasn’t sure there was anything I could do to comfort him. That there was anything that I could say. So much of what was wrong was on him as well.

“You know Morgul, Uther must have chosen you as well. Redemption is so powerful. The only thing that can rebuke a shattered soul. I see it now. Just as myself and the others have been picked to fix what we have wronged. You too have been fated to help the people of this world be safe from the horrors of Negan and his corrupted. The Queen, her minions, and all those that stand against them.” I confided.

“Your light shines everbright Cinredi. If bringing you and the others back were all that I could accomplish in this life. I am proud to say that I have done that. Uther’s light must be in your blood as you are a natural at finding the path home from doubt.” Morgul came to a pause. “Thank you Cinredi.”


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