End of Days: XXVII

Questions to be Answered

“It is difficult to admit our faults when we are so burdened by pride.” Said Death as they walked into the room. “We have been after each other for some time now, Yes. Your powers over my domain have indeed been annoying, to say the least.”

“I had to apply my knowledge in all the right places in order to stay ahead of you all this time. Our back and forth has tested me, but as I was saying.” Morgul interjected. “I did ask for help once. I asked for redemption. I pleaded that I would take on any penance, go to every length possible to find solace. That’s when I found the Assassins headquarters. I found Rapheal. A single beam of light in the dark, hovering over a skeletal corpse. He had on his person the means to cast my spell of true resurrection.” Death leaned on the stable wall and I sat on a bale of hay. It seemed something had put Morgul in a telling mood. ” I had everything I needed to break free. To die again and be reborn when it was safe. Make a new life for me out of the servitude of The Queen. Then I had a thought. What if this corpse could be my ally. What if through this person I could live truly free again. So I instead brought them back to life.

“Fascinating, truly. We really should be heading out though.” Death stated.

“Can you tell us more on the way?” I begged eagerly. “What of the other Assassins? Did he tell you of Alessissa? Is that how you found us? Death, did you know what was happening when he brought back Rapheal?” They both rolled their eyes, everyone knows that if you tell me anything it leads to five or more questions that will lead to five or more questions ad infinitum.

“The moment that lousy drunk Elf breathed for his first breath a second time I knew what was happening. I felt that light pierce through the veil and pull his soul from my collection. I knew the Uther was reaching through and manipulating the material plane, just as Negan did to corrupt The Murder.” Death growled. “What I would do to be rid of both of the God-Dragons once and for all.”

“Death is right, I will tell you more when we make camp this evening.” Promised Morgul. With that we loaded our horses and made for the edge of the Garrison. We galloped down the main cobblestone road of the city and out of the main gate. After a few hours, the cobblestone turned to regular dirt as we passed through the rolling hills of the northern territory of Sovereign. By the middle of the day, we were approaching a mountain trail.

There was a certain peacefulness to our travels. The sun was shining and a few clouds were floating serenely through the sky. A hawk flew between their white wispy forms, giving the occasional cry from its beak. The syncopated beat of our three horses galloping over the soft dark dirt through the lengthy blades of long prairie grass. Death had explained that there was a passageway that would lead us off the beaten path that most would travel. Evading the bulwark clifts mountains that would slow our travels. As the sun began to set we made our camp. Morgul offered to take first watch as I set our tents and Death started a small fire.

“We don’t need to worry about a watch at all. My aura will protect us. Even non-sentient creatures are intelligent enough to fear Death. And even if there was such a beast, I will not let your bodies perish in battle, nor will I allow your souls to pass through to the veil.” Death quipped. It was hard to argue the validity of his statement, regardless of it’s implications. “I believe you still had questions to answer from this morning. I would like to add a few of my own.”


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