End of Days XXVIII

The Campfire Conference

Morgul stared into the fire as he looked for a place to start. His face was still and the dancing flames cast moving shadows across his features.

“Yes, I do believe that I have more left to tell.” Said the Elf. “I suppose this all began with the fall of Celeste.”

“The capital of the Elven territory?” I asked.

Morgul took a short pause before beginning. “Yes, that is the one.” Pausing with a deep exhale. “There was a night with a new moon. We were celebrating the birth of the High Diviner and the High Evoker, two of the other Owls that sat with me on The Parliament. Their son who we all know as Haeys.”

“You knew Haeys when he was born?” I questioned.

“Save your questions until the end child of light.” Death hushed.

“I knew Haeys’ parents better than most and I watched him grow those many years until The Murder attacked with Akor’s help. On the night of his birth, However, his mother had a vision. The very visions that you all had when you came back to life, only it had the four of you standing together. She was quite distraught when she saw the destruction of our courtyard, The Murder with their talons in our chests, and the Black wings unfolding over the wall. She became consumed by the fear that our four sacred warriors would fall to Negan’s corruption and beacon his return.”

“That distrust was the seed that their corruption bloomed from.” Death interjected. “I watched the others grow dim, until they became the darkness that hangs over this world. I watched and waited knowing that when they fell I could be free.”

“Are you saying that you were not a victim that fell to the powers of Negan?” I asked.

“Correct. The fact that you anathematized Elves we’re able to bind my essence to a mortal body is impressive. You forget I am not some corrupted Elf. I am the immortal idea, the essential essence, the provincial power that is Death. I saw your warriors hanging on the ledge of the abyss and shoved them in. I wanted to see you and your people die all of their most painful and fowl deaths they could die. The only regret I have is that when Celeste burned, their immolation was quick and painless.” The Seething rage hung on Death’s words as he spoke.

“Then why are you helping us now?” Morgul and I asked simultaneously.

“After the flames died and you were taken away to begin your services, I found out how binding your magic is. When this body meets it’s end, so will I. Every death that I can see there is nothing. When this body dies I fear that will be the final death.” Morgul and I sat in disbelief. “I trust your silence means you understand. Negan plans to destroy the material plane when he returns. Which means that all remaining life would be trapped unable to die in the void that once was existence. Suffering for all eternity.

“That and the fact that Akor added to the binding spell that I can’t take any direct action against anyone that has fallen to Negan’s corruption. I need you to be successful so that I can find a way to be free. I’m just taking an Elf and a Paladin initiate to the capital. Luckily, he didn’t word it differently so that I would have to actively help them. It would have been such a disappointment to have to hunt and kill you all. As I said the second that you brought that drunken Assassin back to this world I began to help you even from the shadows. Leaving clues, hiding the spell components for your spell in your path to bringing back these four. I even spared your Dwarf companion. I may not be able to move against my captors personally but through my inactions and accidental misuse of those materials, you have been able to build quite the resistance.” Death explained.

“You’ve been working with us this whole time?” Morgul questioned. “I find that hard to believe, yet it makes so much sense.”

“Now, I do believe that we were here to question you Elf.” Death gestured back to Morgul as we continued to stare.

“Right, Questions! I have a few more for you Morgul.” I said excitedly. “If you knew who Haeys was in life, does that mean you recognized him when you brought him back?”

“I did.” Admitted Morgul. “I told him as much when he replanted the World Tree back in the ruins of Celeste. Haeys is incredibly gifted in ways of magic. His parents would be so proud of what he is doing.”

“What about Alessisa, Balefore, and me? Did you know who we were?” I pressed.

“No, unfortunately, I did not know who any of you were. Rapheal, told me of Alessisa when we reached Skrayhorn the first time. I had a guess of who Balefore was when we ran into that young Dragon outside of the crypt. As to you though Cinredi, even with the clues, I was at a loss of who you were.” Answered Morgul.

“Which makes sense seeing as you were a lowly stable boy with no true belonging anywhere.” Death added. My expression dropped to one of scorne and disdain. “My apologies, I do not mean to offend. Just to remind you that you were no one before you died your first death.”

“Then why has everyone been telling me that my destiny is in the capital if no one knew who I was.” I inquired.

“It seems that though they didn’t know who you were they could feel your inner light. That much power welling up inside and the growing darkness abound, I would guess that they just put two and two together and assumed that you were meant to take on the threat.” Morgul paused for a second. “Then again the God-Dragons could have known all along.”

“I am sure they have not known, or at least not all of them.” Interrupted Death. “Akor has no idea how close their plan is to failure. The Queen and her forces know that your little group is powerful, seeing as you have killed one of the Crows and have freed all of the elemental God-Dragons from their power seals. What they don’t know is that the forces they are sending to reinforce the Dwarven capital of Thrunbadir will fall to your ambush that your allies will complete. I’m quite confident that your spies you have in the caves will also be able to take on War and Akor before you both complete your duties with me. Although the whole free will and all that nonsense could see everything unfurl and the literal eternal deathless death of all things.” Silence hung in the air as we all contemplated what was at stake, and the gravity of our task. “But alas, would anyone like some chamomile tea before we call it a night?” Death added.

The three of us sat with our tea and the warmth of the fire for a little bit longer and then we said our goodnights and submitted to slumber.


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