End of Days XXXIII

Oath of the Watcher

What did I just see? What did it mean? Is this how Nilissa, The Queen, and Akor manipulated the Paladins? My thoughts were racing.

“Now, join us in our group meditation.” Nilissa said with arms opening to extend an invitation to the other Paladins as they took to their various favored meditation poses. She guided our breathing for a few moments and then began to prompt us to reach out with our divine energy, to let our aura shine with brilliant purpose. I was aware of myself and was aware of the others. I felt our combined power as it crashed over and through my body. She talked about our strength and resolve to do what is necessary to enforce the will of The Queen. When it was complete we all stood and the others began to talk a greet each other. They were warm and kind and they talked about things that they were grateful for. This whole experience was just so wholesome. When I started this quest I thought things would stay black and white. It was now clear that I was wrong and even in The Queen’s castle I was finding shades of grey.

“You look confused.” Said one of the Paladins I had not been introduced to. “My name is Laudo. It is good to finally meet you.”

“Yes, it is good to meet you as well. My name is Finnus. ” I said.

“I am the resident weapons master and I think you need something other than that sword you had. It doesn’t look like you are much of a one-handed fighter. No I think you would look better with a lance in your hand.”

“You can tell by looking at me?” I asked

“Yes, I use my ability to help make our troops and fellow Paladins more effective. I can read your body language and feel your energy. Different types flow better with different forms and physical implements. I haven’t been able to replicate my skill in any of my squires, but I have increased combat efficiency in our armies by threefold in the past year alone.” Laudo explained. “The Nine all have an area of expertise that makes us unique. You are in Paladin Mullenkedheim’s charge, he is a specialist in harnessing our divine abilities into focused attacks, or acts of smiting. Which will be helpful for you since it seems like you’ll be heading to help the Clerics keep the Elementals in check.”

“So I won’t be staying with the Paladins?” I asked.

“Well, unless a position opens up in The Nine, you will be assigned to a station of the Queen’s choice upon completing your training.” Said another of the Paladins. “I am Adelbert, Captain of The Nine, Second in command of our order. The position that one would find themselves in as a Watcher would be best suited with the Clerics, since they are the ones bringing the Elementals here. We can talk more on this later we should head to the library. You were from the farmlands? Are you literate?”

“Yes I am, my mother served as a scribe in the town nearby.” I said.

“Ahh, well how fortunate for you this will make this much more easy for you.” Adelbert comforted.


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