Update: 9/3/2021

Hello readers, if you frequent the blog here you have probably noticed that my post frequency is going down from biweekly to once a month. I thought taking a bit of a break last month and going on vacation would help fight the burnout I am facing, but my work life has only become more stressful. I have also been working on my freelance career and have established a pretty consistent source of work doing content creation for a few different independent rpg creators. Which is awesome! I love writing and creating world building for people.

I’m working on a new layout for the blog here and bringing some new content as well. I’m pretty excited about it, but I really want to nail down some more details before we get too far into that.

Between Freelancing, work, kids and trying to re-establish the habits I had going earlier this year until I hit the wall. I am beat. This is me communication that I know I have hit that wall, but I am in the process of climbing it.



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