Backstory: Mr.Mitus

John was born July 14, 2036, to parents Paul and Amelia Jackson. The Jackson family raised young Jack In the suburbs of Grandville. His father Paul was the primary caregiver and was a stay-at-home dad. His mother Amelia was a Science and Biology Professor at the University of Grand Rapids. Jack was an average student throughout all of middle school and high school, mostly for lack of trying. He wasn’t any good at sports and didn’t fit into any of the clubs, but one thing Jack did have was his natural skill for public speaking. His speech teacher recommended that he become a politician to take advantage of his skills. He would rather use it to impress the lady folk. He was accused of having a silver tongue on more than one occasion. It even helped him catch the eye of Alexis Smith, his high school sweetheart.  

After graduating from Grandville High School he got a job as a Lifeguard at The YMCA, as part of his training, he had to take a first aid class where he found out he was very interested in the way the human body works. He gained a new direction in life from this discovery. He enjoyed helping people and he could help save peoples lives by working to become a doctor or something like that. He knew That it would be hard but if he applied himself he could do it.

Once The summer had ended and his freshmen year of college had started he found college life fairly simple. One odd part of his schooling is his mother was the teacher of his Biology 101 class, which was awkward at first but once he got used to it. The other students would tend to remind him that mommy was right their if he needed any help. As the semester was ending and he found out his grades he, and his parents were shocked to see that he had received his first 4.0 in his life. Which was more than enough reason to party in his book, even though waking up in the morning was a good enough reason to party for him. This night was different though. For Jack would party himself into the hospital with alcohol poisoning. When his parents showed up to take him home they didn’t need to say anything he already knew he was in trouble and he would spend the rest of winter break trapped in his room.

The winter semester went by quickly and soon it was summer once again he worked as a lifeguard at the YMCA. The Summer was going by smoothly until his Alexis, his girlfriend of three and a half years no longer wanted to see him. Leaving poor Jack heart broken. To make matters worse his father and mother started to get very sick at an alarming rate. Soon they had to stay at the hospital for constant observation. This continued For the rest of the summer until his father pasted away. Jack found it hard to focus on his  school work, but his mother made him promise that he would stay in school and keep trying. Every night for the entire fall semester he stayed by his mothers side and would often fall asleep doing his school work.   Right around the start of the winter semester his mothers health took a turn for the worse. The doctors finally knew why though.

His mother had Peter Rovinski Syndrome or PRS. It was a rare genetic disorder That stops the body from regenerating new cells when older cells would die. causing the person’s body to become septic and their internal organs to shut down. There is no cure and it is incredibly lethal. Only in the last year had it been discovered and the technology to detect it was still in early development. Soon after his mother’s passing Jack himself found out that he also had PRS and he would someday meet his end at the hands of the disease that took his parents’ life.  

Balancing school, work, and his depression was turning out to be too much for jack who would turn to alcohol to escape his problems. Every once and a while he would call Alexis and beg her to take him back, trying to find someone to help him. At the end of his third fall semester, Jack started to show symptoms of  PRS and could no longer work, and his schoolwork would be the next to fall. When it came to time to sign up for winter classes Jack was facing eviction from his home and his car had already been repossessed. Jack would be spending this Christmas break on the streets.

Signs of PRS would come and go and if he could he would spend his time at soup kitchens and homeless shelters volunteering even though he himself was homeless. His second year on the streets he gave a speech during the festival of the arts that would increase aid to the homeless start funding for PRS research and even gain him some spot light from the local news. As time went by he would fall back into obscurity. Due to an odd streak of luck he was entered into a list of candidates for an experimental drug therapy treatment and all he had to do was stay alive until the study was to be conducted.


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