End of Days: XXXVII

The Ill Tides of War

I activated the ring that Morgul enchanted. There was not much time to react as War charged relentlessly towards myself and Mullenkedheim. A bright light burst from the ring engulfing me in a warm golden brilliance. The light solidified and began to darken quickly into finely polished steel. Intricate designs and patterns etched into the metal that were not there before. War leaped into the air allowing his cloak to change into wings of dark negative energy that matched the plumage supporting the crow skull that made his head. His leap turned to a dive towards me and I ran towards him.

“For Justice!” I yelled. Summoning Krinix, my lance, in a bolt of azure lighting and crimson flame the weapon materialized into my hand. The point of the lance extended and now embedded into War’s chest as the fire and electricity wrapped around his torso. He hung on then end of my lance for a second before a single flap of his wings pulled him up into the air. He raised a black talon upwards and twin bolts of red electricity arced from his fingertips striking Paladin Mullenkedheim and myself in the chest.

“You have no idea how much I have wanted to do this.” War yelled. “To extinguish the lights in the capital and especially your light Cinredi.” The three of us all steamed and sizzled as the result of the magic attacks exchanged.

“I do apologize War, but we will have to insist that you go no further.” Mullenkedheim spoke as he drew his long sword and lunged forward into a quick upward slash catching War in the armpit. The blade shimmered and a double imaged of the blade phased through his body and appeared to dive between his eyes before disappearing. Causing the Crow to unleash an unearthly caw that shook the cavern. The force of impact from Mullenkedheim’s attack cause War to skid across the floor of the cave and roll to a stop on his knees.

Quickly the Crow rose to his feet and lunged across the cavern spinning clockwise with his black-bladed sword. I tried to block with my lance but the blade sliced through my armor and into my side. The force of the blow caused me to stagger to the side and become unbalanced. Then I shuffled back and lunged forward with Krinix. The strike was true and once again I impaled War in the chest. I sent a burst of flame with the strike and it caught his cloak and began to burn a dark green color as the unnatural material burned.

War back stepped into a roll landing on his free hand and somersaulting back to his feet. He slashed at Mullenkedhiem, catching him above the knee and throwing off his footing. The older paladin countered by charging his blade with glowing violet electricity. The blade arched through the air with the arcing energy but War narrowly dodged the attack. The failed attack left Mullenkedhiem in a compromised position and War reached out with his clawed hand and pressed it against his forehead.

“Have you ever wondered how the Queen was able to get so many people to listen to her? To fight for her? Even if the enemy was a close friend or ally? It was me! I helped her create her Army! Willing to fight any cause. Everyone listens when it’s time for war!” Laughed the Crow as a magical pulse went from his hand and enveloped the face of Mullenkedhiem. Leaving his eyes glowing orange with lines of red energy burning through the flesh around them.

“Cinredi, You can’t be allowed to succeed. The Queen’s Rule must be upheld!” Exclaimed Paladin Mullenkedhiem.


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