Update 12/31/21

So here we are again! Welcome to the new year! I have changed a few things to start the year off on a fresh foot. I have decided that this blog best serves me as an outlet for my creativity. So I am going to be switching to this being a once-a-month post on my current works. Last year I made a total of 18 posts so I intend to make at least that many again. It will be split between completing End of Days, starting a new story, and then some of my side-side projects of creating world-building templates, character backstories, and maybe a few other things as time prohibits. The goal is to first create an entry for each month and then go back through and create additional content. That way I can move up the planned publish date and keep to my schedule.

Now the main reason for that is that I am pursuing a transition into starting my own business and I am directing most of my non-family, non-working time into bringing that into fruition. If you want to see my progress on that you can follow my new projects over on YourMachineMind.com a blog about personal growth and the Home of my Coaching services. While the services that I offer here are similar they are focused on the TTRPG scene, what I offer over there is more based in personal and business growth.

Whether I bring you entertainment, joy, inspiration, or you’re just passing through. I thank you for reading this blog and wish you well on your travels and adventures.


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