Backstories: Tharish Birr

Age 26

Tharish is a salt and pepper striped Togorian with bright emerald eyes. She was tall even for a Togorian almost as tall has her lifemate Frrrr Birr who was a Mandalorian mercenary who spent most of his time off world, only returning for a few weeks of the year sporadically. She grew tired of the life on Togoria and when she should have been creating an adult of her own with the other females of her kind she decided that maybe space held the answer for her. She joined the Republic Military Academy as soon as she was able.

It was the year 40 BBY. Leaning on her natural talents for battle that her species was known for she excelled in organizing others in combat and being able to inspire her allies. She was fast-tracked for promotion and quickly gained the rank of sergeant and given a unit to lead. Her team was made up of Trandoshan, a Wookiee, an Aqualish, and Two Rodian brothers. It was a garbage assignment with a garbage team. They guarded a hyperspace route that was known for pirate attacks.

After a few months on patrol, she was able to unify her team and stamp out most of the pirates so that mercantile ships could again profit from taking that route. Her team was then retasked to more dangerous missions. This habit continued until her unit had been reclassified as a unit of the Republic Special Forces. In her sixth year of service during a return home to meet with Frrrr they were blessed with a child. A boy they named Tybir Birr. Who had been discovered to be force sensitive and selected for Jedi training.

At this point, her lifemate had disappeared on some quest for honor with another group of Mandalorians and had not been contactable. She was happy with her decision and left a message for Frrrr that if he had a problem with what she chose he should have been home. She returned to her squad for another two years before being summoned for a special assignment from the supreme chancellor Finus Valourm. She is being sent as the security detail on democratic negotiation over trade disputes.


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