Update: 9/3/2021

Hello readers, if you frequent the blog here you have probably noticed that my post frequency is going down from biweekly to once a month. I thought taking a bit of a break last month and going on vacation would help fight the burnout I am facing, but my work life has only become more […]

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Update 3-31-21

Alright everyone here it is. This is how things are going so far this year in my Adventures. This one is going to go a little bit further than a normal update that focuses on the past three months of my projects. This one is going back over 2 years. This also goes much further […]

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Update 12-31-2020

What a year! Collectively it seems like America finally said enough is enough and we need to stop asking for action to be made and instead demand it. We had a record-breaking voter turnout for this year’s elections and from the way it turned out the majority agrees. America needs to change. We need to […]

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Update 7/1/2020

Well here we are, half way through the craziest year that any of us have experienced. I started this year hopeful and optimistic. I turned 30 on New Years Eve and I figured this was going to be my year. I had made major improvements to my life in 2019 with the help of my […]

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Update 1/31/2020

So this week we pump the breaks on End of Days to give a little behind the scenes. This year I am committed to delivering at one post a week for the whole year, for this week I’m giving myself a creative break and posting this update. I’m doing this an investment in myself. I […]

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Update 10/31/19

I started rewriting End of Days at the start of this year as a self improvement exercise and it started off really well. I got a good amount of posts made and was actually ahead of my release schedule. Then as it always happens, life got busy. I was able to pick back up for […]

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