End of Days: Rebirth XXII

The West Garrison The weather was not our friend on the ride to the Garrison. Gusts of wind, a deluge of rain washing the trail out from under us, and the inability to find shelter left us soaked to the bone and severely exhausted. The horses were down to a trot by the time we […]

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End of Days:Rebirth XXI

A Place To Call Home The lodging I was given was very lavish. The tree itself was fifty paces wide at the base of the trunk. The Elf that grew this homemade a spiral staircase that wrapped around the tree and covered itself with the bark. None of which was carved and even the bark […]

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End of Days: Rebirth XIX

The Peices Fall Into Place We stood there at the mouth of the tunnel leading into the Crypt the Morgul had reclaimed. We looked to each other in confusion. Morgul had lied to us when he left us behind in Skrayhorn. There had to be a reason for his actions. “I have already explained this […]

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End of Days: Rebirth XVII

Light Lost Jorgund hovered in the air above both of the pirate vessels. None of us knew what had happened to Famine and the egg he stole from the White Whale. The God-Dragon let out a series of frustrated lightning breaths arcing into the clouds. Movement from the deck of The Fury could be seen […]

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End of Days: Rebirth XVI

The Return of Jorgund. The splash of the liquid tentacles falling on to the deck and washing off the of the Kraken’s Beak followed by the loud thud of my sword embedding into the splintering wood. The lightning that that arced around my blade set the smaller chips of wood ablaze, the embers danced through […]

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End of Days: Rebirth XV

The Turning Tide It was several days after we had passed the coast when the weather turned. The clear skies and calm waters of the Southern Sea were long behind us. The Eastern Sea was known for its storms of warm rain and high waves. It was not my favorite way to travel. The constant […]

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End of Days: Rebirth II

Lullaby of the Crypt As we finished gearing up and preparing for our escape from the crypt. I decided it would be a good idea to get a feel of my surroundings, and using my Paladin abilities I scoured the nearby area for the presents of evil beings. I was able to locate a few […]

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End of Days: Rebirth I

Rebirth Today I was resurrected. Pulled from the void and returned to my mostly rotted corpse. The process was very strange, my body reforming from nothing but dust. Bit by bit shaping into my bones and flesh. Standing in an empty, but great hallway of marble. All I could see was a door at the […]

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