Backstories: Tharish Birr

Age 26 Tharish is a salt and pepper striped Togorian with bright emerald eyes. She was tall even for a Togorian almost as tall has her lifemate Frrrr Birr who was a Mandalorian mercenary who spent most of his time off world, only returning for a few weeks of the year sporadically. She grew tired […]

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The End of Days: XXXIX

In the Void “THIS IS AN INTERESTING DEVELOPMENT.” Sounded the powerful voice that belonged unmistakably to one of the God-Dragons. “YOU ARE THE ONE THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE GREATEST ASSET MY BROTHER HAS IN STOPPING ME.” I gazed into the nothing that surrounded me. The vast expanse of extreme emptiness. I waited for […]

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End of Days: XXXVIII

At War With Our Allies Paladin Mullenkedhiem glowered with glowing orange eyes. “You are a heretic, posing as a Saint to win me over. There is no way that you have been alive since the passing of The King and the fall of Celeste. You are barely a man, you would be older than me. […]

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End of Days: XXXVII

The Ill Tides of War I activated the ring that Morgul enchanted. There was not much time to react as War charged relentlessly towards myself and Mullenkedheim. A bright light burst from the ring engulfing me in a warm golden brilliance. The light solidified and began to darken quickly into finely polished steel. Intricate designs […]

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Backstory: Mr.Mitus

John was born July 14, 2036, to parents Paul and Amelia Jackson. The Jackson family raised young Jack In the suburbs of Grandville. His father Paul was the primary caregiver and was a stay-at-home dad. His mother Amelia was a Science and Biology Professor at the University of Grand Rapids. Jack was an average student […]

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End of Days XXXVI

The Darkness Found Underground “Do you have somewhere we can speak privately?” I asked. “Yes, we should move before the others return. There is much you must tell me. I need to know what is happening.” Mullenkedheim confessed. I followed him through the hallway down into a courtyard and through various other areas of the […]

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End of Days XXXV

St. Marsaen, Patron of Mercy and Martyrdom I awoke to the light of the setting sun piercing through the shutters of my shared quarters. I looked around the room and saw that Mullenkedheim sat across the room at a desk reading some of the books that he checked out for me. The act of sitting […]

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End of Days XXXIV

The Order of the Paladins Twelve Paladins and eight squires walked out of the Paladin’s sanctum and towards the kitchen. Followed by me. Today was just beginning and I was already completely off guard. I took a deep breath and centered myself. This was a good thing. Once we finished breakfast we were heading to […]

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Backstory: Yaas

The Mandalorian Swordsmen Orchestral fanfare blasts through the darkness of space as a icey planet floats into the frame from the top of the screen. A hawk-290 sweeps from the left and taking a long arcing path breaks into the atmosphere of the planet. The Camera snaps into the cockpit where two Twi’leks and a […]

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End of Days XXXIII

Oath of the Watcher What did I just see? What did it mean? Is this how Nilissa, The Queen, and Akor manipulated the Paladins? My thoughts were racing. “Now, join us in our group meditation.” Nilissa said with arms opening to extend an invitation to the other Paladins as they took to their various favored […]

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