End of Days: Rebirth

End of Days is a character journal from one of my favorite table top roleplaying campaigns that I have ever played in. The character that I played was a thirteen-year-old paladin named Cinredi. One of my dearest friends was the the Dungeon Master for the campaign and he told a masterfully crafted story built around our characters and a lore rich world that he had homebrewed while working third shift.

The back drop to the world was a dark one. An island nation under an authoritarian rule of a hated Queen that had allied herself with a powerful Dragon-God know as Akor. They were planning to bring about The End of Days, the campaign’s moniker. The story is told through the view point of the player characters that are somehow involved in either the starting of the Queen’s plan or holding a key to the opposition of it.

The only problem being that the four of them; Alessisa, Balefore, Haeys, and Cinredi have no memories of what they did before they died and were tossed away to rot in an asylum created to raise an army of the dead. The beginning of the tale sees that the four of them are brought back to life and thrown back into the thick of it.

Each session of the game, small tidbits of information were given to us. Who we were, what we did, and what must be done to stop the evil plans of the Queen, Akor, and their servants from bringing back the most powerful and foul fell dragon of all, Negan.

The first eleven entries were written as the game was played. I have done some rewriting and editing since then and every post after that will be based on memories from that game and conversations with the friend that was DMing that game. More or less, they will be me just writing my own ending to the story. Think of it when a book or manga is still being written and the television show based off of it goes past that point in the story. Hopefully I do this wonderfully hopeless world and characters some justice. I wouldn’t want to pull a Game of Thrones.

Please enjoy End of Days:Rebirth