End of Days:XXV

The Creeping Dark and The Light That Guides. “Yes, they almost have everything they need to break the seal on the Negative Energy Plane.” Death said. “Once they do, Negan will return and the world will burn. Then The End of Days will be complete.” “What do they still need in order to break the […]


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Update 12-31-2020

What a year! Collectively it seems like America finally said enough is enough and we need to stop asking for action to be made and instead demand it. We had a record-breaking voter turnout for this year’s elections and from the way it turned out the majority agrees. America needs to change. We need to […]

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End of Days: XXIV

Interference “You see the four of you all have done something to put the world into its current state. You gave your life to save the Queen. Alessisa killed her father and set the castle ablaze leaving her scarred and vengeful. Balefore locked the God-Dragon Jorgun in the elemental plane of water. And the other […]

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End of Days: Rebirth XXII

The West Garrison The weather was not our friend on the ride to the Garrison. Gusts of wind, a deluge of rain washing the trail out from under us, and the inability to find shelter left us soaked to the bone and severely exhausted. The horses were down to a trot by the time we […]

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End of Days:Rebirth XXI

A Place To Call Home The lodging I was given was very lavish. The tree itself was fifty paces wide at the base of the trunk. The Elf that grew this homemade a spiral staircase that wrapped around the tree and covered itself with the bark. None of which was carved and even the bark […]

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Update 7/1/2020

Well here we are, half way through the craziest year that any of us have experienced. I started this year hopeful and optimistic. I turned 30 on New Years Eve and I figured this was going to be my year. I had made major improvements to my life in 2019 with the help of my […]

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End of Days: Rebirth XX

The Necromancer and The Paladin “The capital?” I asked in astonishment. “Why yes, I mean we would have to find a way through the main garrison first, but I think I have a plan for that.” Morgul answered. I sat at the edge of my seat waiting on an explanation. “You see, The Queen is […]

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End of Days: Rebirth XIX

The Peices Fall Into Place We stood there at the mouth of the tunnel leading into the Crypt the Morgul had reclaimed. We looked to each other in confusion. Morgul had lied to us when he left us behind in Skrayhorn. There had to be a reason for his actions. “I have already explained this […]

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End of Days: Rebirth XVIII

The Way Forward It had been three days of us drifting at sea, watching as the towering Icebergs crashed into each other and shattered into pieces. The Yuustler men told us that they had begun to think that Famine was masquerading as their brother from when they all were brought before the Queen. If the […]

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